Challenges for Fernando Alonso from F1 to Indy 500: IndyCar Expert & Racer Discuss

How will Fernando Alonso get on in the 2017 Indy 500? The switch from Formula One to IndyCar is not going to be an easy one and it will take every ounce of Alonso’s skill to be competitive. This video is quite long, so please view chapters below.

1:32 – Intro
2:29 – Transition from F1 to ovals
3:45 – Lack of feel on ovals & crashes
6:29 – Balance of an IndyCar
7:55 – In-car adjustments (jacker & roll bars)
11:22 – Indy 500 qualifying
16:00 – Race & aero setup
17:13 – 3-wide rolling start & traffic
19:16 – Indy 500 race strategy
23:21 – Crazy IndyCar pitstops
25:59 – How’s Alonso going to do – summary

Driver 61’s Scott Mansell and his old teammate, Charles Crews, (now Team Penske spotter) discuss how Fernando Alonso might get on, and the challenges he’ll face, in the 101st Indy 500 with Andretti Autosport.

The two racers discuss adjusting to the high-speed Indianapolis oval, IndyCar-specific strategy and managing traffic during the 500-mile race.

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